Dogs when hungry should never be kept away from food. This couple was just sitting in their car, while it was raining outside. Suddenly a black pitbull jumps to their window. Watch the video to find out what happened next! 

In the video, a pit bull approaches a car stuck in traffic and tries to board it through the window. This little dog seems to be walking all alone outside, wearing just a collar and with no ID. He is soaking wet from the rain too.

Sure this little guy is cute and likes to cuddle, but no one could have guessed what he did next! The moment the guy in the car asks the dog, “you want something to eat”, the dog like a reflex popped his head into the window of the car. Within seconds of this, the pit bull jumped straight into the car and the rest was history. If you enjoyed the video please make sure to hit the like and share button.

Credit: BL Daily

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