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“Daddy play with me!” Chubby panda hugs feeder tight and refuses to let him go!

Panda nanny is everyone’s dream job. The panda nanny’s daily task is to clean up the panda house. After interacting for a long time, adorable pandas start to treat them as their family. It is not surprising that panda babies will want to have fun with their panda nannies every day, and the adorable scenes melt every netizen’s heart.

Panda nanny was cleaning the panda house, but the panda baby who thought him as its “daddy” followed him and hugged his leg tight. Panda baby wanted more attention from its “daddy”!

But “daddy” knew he needed to finish the task on time, and having a panda hugging on his leg wouldn’t make his task any easier.

Panda nanny hugged him to a high spot and continued his work. But it took only a while before panda baby got down and hugged his leg again.

The adorable scene repeated for three to four times, and in the end the panda baby was still determined to hug its beloved “daddy”.

Netizens couldn’t stop loving the cute panda, and they commented “I want this job too”, “Come hug me”, “Your leg is mine, don’t run!”,”So cute that I can’t stop loving it” etc.

We admire the panda nanny who is loved by the adorable panda. Did you fall for the panda baby too?