After months of letting his beard grow, this Dad decided it was time for a change! To surprise his wife before her birthday, this caring dad asked his little girl for help transforming his scraggly bearded face into a trimmed masterpiece.

At first, she was more than willing to help Dad shave off his beard. Then the reality of the situation kicked in…


First, Dad handed his precious little girl a pair of scissors. He started off the process by letting his daughter cut off a big chunk of the beard with scissors.

Then he began to shave it off in sections. As the hair started to fall into the sink, his daughter became more and more confused!


This isn’t what Daddy is supposed to look like! This adorable little blessing is flabbergasted at what’s unfolding before her eyes!

When his face was near completion, she turned to Dad and said, “You look funny without your beard!” She couldn’t remember what Dad looked like before all of the facial hair.


Now she’s not so sure this is right! She goes on to ask, “Are you still my Daddy?”

She doesn’t quite grasp her daddy’s metamorphosis. She doesn’t know what to think! She’s too funny to watch and her running commentary is a hoot!


Thankfully, Mom didn’t feel the same way! When Dad showed Mom his new look, she was absolutely thrilled!

At first, their daughter held up a fake beard made up of the clippings to her face and said “I’m Daddy” – and when Mom didn’t understand, Dad revealed his new look! She was floored!

Mom was shocked by how different her husband looked and was excited that their daughter was able to help. They’re the cutest little work team!


Hopefully Dad keeps up with the trimmed style and lets his little one help keep it neat and tidy. They do make one heck of an awesome team!

Take a peek at this adorable transformation in the video below.

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