Minibike is a miniature motorcycle that appear to be the smaller size motorcycle that even a kid could ride on it. This enable the kid to have an early start on practicing riding on a motorcycle. Most people treated the minibike as a toy, but in reality it is not. Even the cheapest kind of minibike that used 38 cc engine are capable of speeds of at least 25 mph (which is 40kmh), not to mentioned the one which used higher powered engine.

In the following video, it appears that the kid travel with a man on the road while they were separately riding on different vehicles, the man riding on the motorcycle and the kid on the minibike. Although this video show that they were having fun in it but in most country it is illegal for the minibike to travel on the public roads. Anyways, they do ensure their safety by wearing a helmet and the man is traveling beside the kid to watch over him.

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