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Mom Leaves Smiling Baby Alone With Daddy Only To Return To Find Her Face Completely Different

Caring for a baby is joyful, blissful, stressful and sometimes weary. If you have a baby who loves to explore, she’ll keep you on your toes.

If she’s fussy, you’ll be doing a lot of rocking and walking. Sometimes, it feels like your day is endless with diapers, feedings and peek-a-boo games.

One dad named Bartosz decided to have a little fun with his daughter Emily. He has his own YouTube channel where he shares the playful relationship he has with his baby.

When his wife had to take off and left Bartosz to care for their precious little girl, Dad decided to have some fun. He recorded it for all of us to enjoy.

In fact, the video has been viewed more than seven million times! The footage begins showing Emily lying on her tummy.

She’s obviously enjoying her tummy time, because this adorable little girl is cooing and giggling. She seems to be talking to the camera!

They obviously are having a good time together. But then Dad does something completely unexpected!

As Dad spruces up Emily with something special, he cannot hold back his laughter. It’s contagious because Emily starts cracking up too.

Check out what Dad does to Emily that is so hilarious they both can’t contain their giggles. Sometimes, dads can act like children when they’re supposed to be the adult. This is too silly not to laugh along!