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CEO Mom Catches Infant Daughter Copying Her Business Phone Calls

An adorable baby who has seen her CEO mother make plenty of business calls did an impressive job of impersonating her — except, since she didn’t know how to talk yet, it’s all gibberish.

Rachel Kaplowitz, the 35-year-old CEO of Honey, came home to find her baby daughter using her cell phone, pretending to make a call.

The mother-of-two from South Orange, New Jersey said that the then-one-and-a-half-year-old tot didn’t actually know any words, though, so she simply screamed nonsense into a backwards iPhone.

Adorable: A cute baby tries to make an important business call after copying what she sees her CEO mother do often

When the clip begins, the little girl – who is now three-and-a-half years old – starts off by sitting on the bed and punching numbers on an iPhone.

Once she has pretended to dial, she puts the receiver to her ear as if someone else is really on the other line – but she places the phone against her face backwards.

She then begins talking loudly into the back of the phone – and because she doesn’t know how to talk yet, all that comes out is slurred, made-up baby talk.

As she is talking into the phone, spit is seen coming out of her mouth.

Perhaps one of the best parts about the video is that the little girl even waits for the ‘person’ on the other line to answer, and looks down as if she’s really thinking of a response.

CEO: Rachel Kaplowitz, 35, came home to find her baby daughter using her cell phone, pretending to make a call to someone

The entire time that she’s talking, she has her arm rested on her leg with her hand curled up in a ball, as if she’s about to start making hand gestures.

At one point during the 32-second video, the girl is seen nodding her head as if agreeing with whatever was said to her.

Then, at another point, she gets frustrated with the caller and slams her arm down on the bed a couple of times while screaming into the speaker.

Copying what her own mother does, the girl even moves the phone away from her ear and speaks from a distance, as if she told the person on the phone to hold on while she asks someone about something.

Part of the reason the video is so funny is because the baby cannot talk, and what comes out of her mouth is just a slew of noise with her spit.

Girls: Rachel also has another little girl who is only 10-months-old (center), while the baby in the video is now three

Family: Rachel and her husband pictured with their two daughters

Finally, after she was done saying what she had to say, the baby slowed down her talking before hanging up with the caller and throwing the phone down on the bed.

Rachel also has another little girl, who is only 10-months-old and looks just like her sister.

Since Rachel posted the video to her Twitter, people have commented on how amazing it is. One man even wrote, ‘This is one of the cutest videos on the internet.’

Meanwhile, another user commented: ‘This video is amazing, I want to see you on a work call now to compare.’